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Edna Lawrence

Edna Lawrence


Being awarded for 30 years of community service is a blessing. In 1995, The Successful Black Woman takes a oral traditional walk into the Baltimore City Public Schools. After starting this vision, in 2003 I began my spiritual pilgrimage and took a journey from Baltimore, Md. to Biloxi, Miss. collecting everything factual about our slave history known & unknown. Visiting all the southern states as I traveled. This awaking began A Grandmother's Pilgrimage, creating after school programs, teaching the original Rites of Passage initiative for enhancement and positive character building skills to promote diverse cultural appreciation for learning experiences. Engaging schools and communities through our Virtual Reality Mobile Educational Classroom Tours. The tours included an inter*active historical theatre ( Participate and Educate). Promoting the Theme " Coming from The East", was an original- setting a new age old story.

Griot's are the oral vessels that flow generations of stories an traditions passionately from decades to decades.

Before there was any form of a written language, the Griot's spirituality persevered and spoke out through our oral rivers of spoken words. Keeping the Firmament called Earth directly in universal order with our " Creator".

Come Take My Journey

As an Author- 2005 ( A Family Gathering), Editor-2006(A Grandmother's Pilgrimage Community Newsletter), Total Woman's Outreach Ministries 2006 Workshops &( Life Coach DVD's), Reflections- ( Educational Bookmarkers 2004), Mother Mary Carter-Smith - 2011 ( Griots' Legacy Award) so honored, 2008- being Inducted in The Maryland Women Heritage Center/Museum as an ( Unsung Maryland Heroine), Community Women's Award- 2010 ( Women of Power),Resolution Awards- 2007, 2009,2010, 2012 ( the Major's Office of Baltimore City- Baltimore City's Council President & all the 12 th Councilman Districts, Family League of Baltimore City, After School Institute, Governor's Office for Youth & Children has encouraged this Sacred Griot's stepping out on Faith lifestyle. Give thanks to our " Spirits In Motion_ Freedom Students" Certificate of Commemoration-1998 Brick ( Community Wall of Caring @ the Ambulatory Center Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. Countless Educational Newspaper contributions has been added to my story, my poems , short stories has Hosted the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum's Open Mic- 3rd Thursdays.

For my Readings-Performances & Storytelling Workshops: Contact : Grandmother Edna: Visit Her at


Phone: 443-683-4696

** All Live Inter*active Performances are Original Copyrighted Works and Permission for Usage Must be Requested or ( Purchased by Donations) *****

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