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Gordon W. Parks

Gordon W. Parks


Gordon Parks refers to himself as “The Arts Explorer” because he has explored different artistic areas of expression, which includes acting, directing, play writing, and instructing drama workshops. Storytelling became a natural extension of his love for the arts.

Even though he is a new member of the Griot Circle of Maryland, his background in storytelling began a few years ago while performing at church and outdoor festivals. His stories are rich with African Folktales, which uses animals as their main characters, such as “Anansi, the spider”. Because his style of storytelling is so animated, he enjoys performing for audiences which includes children and the young at heart. He likes to incorporate visual materials, sounds and audience participation during his presentations.

While on a pilgrimage to Senegal, West Africa, the elders determined his African name to be “Soorah Samakeh” during an African naming ceremony. This is the name that he affectionately uses as a storyteller.

Gordon (Soorah) enjoys performing in schools, senior citizen homes, churches, libraries, and festivals. He believes that storytelling is the perfect genre to educate, inspire, and entertain.

For prices and bookings contact:

Gordon W. Parks

(410) 655-2118


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