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Ophelia Brown-Carter


Ophelia Brown-Carter is a native Baltimorean and graduate of Paul Lawrence Dunbar Senior High School. In a school named after a renowned poet, she joined the drama club as a means of expressing her love of poetry and related arts.

Affectionately known as Val, she has engaged audiences for many years. Retiring after thirty three (33) years from the State, Baltimore City Department of Social Services, she now has more time to devote to her longtime interest in poetry, storytelling and the theatre.

A new member to the Griot Circle of Maryland with a heartfelt desire to build upon her interests which has been shared throughout the years with family, church, co-workers and interested audiences across Maryland. Additionally she has performed with the Federal Hill Community Theatre; gained valuable experience in public speaking, and after a decade, continues to serve as a Lay Speaker within the United Methodist Church.

Sharing folktales during family celebrations undergirds the desire to continue the rich oral traditions of her people. She looks forward to many years of storytelling to her grandchildren who call her "Nyanya", which is Swahili for grandmother, and to all interested listeners.

An African Proverb - To understand a people, listen to their tales.

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