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Walter Jones


Story Theater Presents is a marvelous entertaining and educational, multicultural experience for children and families. Walter Jones Jr., your multi-instrumentalist, singing, dancing host encourages audiences to sing along, dance along and join the journey as we explore various cultures, historical events and colorful characters from your favorite stories from around the world.

Walter Jones Jr. has been a public school special educator, entertainer and children and families minister for over 30 years. He has a natural rapport with children of all ages. He has been honored as a “Sign of Hope” in the Baltimore community by the mayor and city council; “Teacher of the Year” at Matthew Henson Elementary school; featured artist for the Grand Opening of the Richmond Children’s Museum; and featured artist for the Summer Reading Programs for both Baltimore County and Baltimore City public libraries.

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Children’s Programs

This Little Light – a celebration of your favorite children’s Bible stories and gospel songs.

Blast Off !- a comical space adventure that encourages reading.

Banana Bob is on the Job- an island adventure. Can Banana Bob rescue fruits and vegetables from the evil clutches of the notorious Dr. Meanie No-Greenie?

You Sing a Song, I Sing a Song – a wonderful time of singing your favorite children’s songs with your “bestest” friends.

Adult and Young Adult Programs

The King of Love – the life o Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. told through songs, poems and the speeches and sermons.

The Spirit Spoke to Me – historical drama that chronicles significant events and personalities in the Black Church from slavery to the present.

Listen to the Voices – hear voices of humor, voices of confusion, and voices of hope in this conversation about racial harmony and neighborhood survival.

“Tell It, Deacon Jones”-Take a trip down memory lane and learn the history behind some of your favorite hymns and spirituals. Get ready to sing, shout, dance, laugh and cry as the spirit moves.

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