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William Starke

William Starke


William Starke a.k.a. Brother Bill, is a "Sharer of Stories" of almost any kind. He is better noted for stories with African and/or African American slants. His style of sharing is best suited to children between 3yrs and 12yrs, who, as a result of his animation talents are quickly drawn into the stories. He then jumps to those who, in the words of Mother Mary Carter Smith, are young at heart! For that level of listeners he brings out the subtleness of tried analogies of times and creatures. He has a loosely woven skit of historical time travel that will inspire many east coast residents to reflect on their ancestry.

Bro. Bill's venues include individual or multiple classes in schools, library performances, family reunions, historical reenactments, church celebrations, small meetings, entertainment, and festivals.

For prices and bookings contact:

William Starke

(410) 967-0165


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